Its overwhelming when we start looking at EVERYTHING that needs attention and funding and work in our public education systems!

Ive been feeling a theme developing and I’m pursuing it with vehemence in my district.

It takes a community to raise our children not one of us has the solution by ourselves and we’ve been spending too much time individually (or as separate groups) trying to fix it.

Collaboration and a single unifying vision will take us to the next level.

So, what I’m working on is:

1) Bringing every discussion, every planning exercise, all data collection, every tech plan back to a comparison of how it helps us move toward the best intellectual, social and emotional learning environment FOR EVERY LEARNER. Does this proposal enhance or detract from that vision?

2) Building bridges between partner groups (teachers, administrators, students, school boards, support workers, District management, parents, community groups, etc). When we all understand our roles in the system and the value we bring towards achieving our vision, then we can work together to find the REAL solutions that will work for everyone!

There is no ONE solution, no magic bullet.
We cannot do it ALONE.

The COLLECTIVE PASSION of educators, students and parents is more powerful than the bureaucracy that often stands in our way. Once we focus that passion, nothing will be able to stop us!

I believe that we need opportunities to share our own point of view as part our education system but also to hear and consider all other points of view. Once we understand each other, we can get creative about finding the solutions that will meet all of our needs!

So this blog is intended as the start of a conversation and an opportunity to sit at the table with all the other partners, working together, building bridges, creating relationships.

Thank you for joining into this conversation. Only together can we find the ways to transform education and move forward into the 21st century!