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Social Interaction and Its Different Types


Social interaction plays a great role in society. It influences the social aspect of individuals through certain structures, groups, and processes.

You may get a paper that requires you to discuss a topic on social interaction. You would have to explain the meaning of social interactions and their types. A question would require you to explain the common types and the ways in which they bring about social stability.

You may have to give an explanation of how these social interaction types also destabilize society. The topics are many that you can tackle in your essay.

In this article, you will find out the types of social interaction you can identify in your paper. Please have a look at them.

  • Competition

The contest to have control over available resources in society between two or more people is what makes a competition. The resources they are competing for can be either tangible or intangible. Two parties will be contesting to have a resource that will not be shareable but to benefit the winner.

The competition takes place in the workplace, schools, and sports. Even though competing has a positive impact, there are also adverse effects of it. This point can make an interesting topic of discussion in your paper.

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  • Cooperation

When two people or a group of them come together to work, that entails the process of cooperation. It is through cooperation that institutions, groups, and other social organizations develop. If there is no cooperation, nothing much could take place in society.

There has to be a relationship between people for them to make a decision that they will work together. Religious places, schools, and parliamentary buildings exist because people have cooperated. They discuss their agenda and decide they need to meet at a certain point to discuss issues about their lives.

  • Social Conflict

When there is a struggle for power between members of society, then that becomes a social conflict. The opposition is the main cause of conflicts in any social setup. Two or more people will be trying to convince the other of how their ideas work, but the other party waters them down.

When each individual tries to make their ideas seem superior to the other, there’s bound to be conflicts. The fight to have control over the inadequate resources also sparks war. It is normal to have conflicts.

If discussing this theory in an essay, you will write about its three major aspects. The first one is that there will be groups in society competing over the available resources. The second one is that even if the parties cooperate, each party will be after their own desires.

The third one explains that there are resources used by groups for their own gains, but there will be those that will be disadvantaged because they are less powerful.

War is likely to erupt even when there is cooperation because individuals want to benefit in one way or the other. If their needs are not met, they will fight for what they believe is rightly theirs.


As you study in college, there will be many subjects that you will come across that relate to you and your environment. The social interaction matter is an interesting one as it touches all areas of the life of an individual.

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