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Month: June 2019

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ioe university

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Gender Dance – Patriarchal Society: American Samoa


Dancing forms an integral custom and culture of American Samoa. Therefore, in the lecture, there was an incisive discussion of gender dance within American Samoan society, which is highly patriarchal. While men and women may perform dances, it is important to note that it comprises hand claps as well as body claps.


The purpose of dance within American Samoa is that it supports their way of life, which includes family, faith, and music. It aims at keeping alive their traditions while at the same time embracing that of the younger generation. Also, the dance in American Samoa can be used to energize or inspire teams before individual sports such as the Manu Siva Tau.


Today, I learned that dance is an integral part of the American Samoan culture that requires the participation of the entire society. Additionally, it also has a rich history that needs to be appreciated by all members learning about it. Further, I found out that most of the dances incorporate both men and women within the society.


The biggest impact that I obtained from the lecture was that the dances within American Samoa have a traditional origin that continues to inspire the discovery of their history.


On reflection, it is evident that I would associate myself much with my culture as a way of learning its past and participating in its activities such as dancing as is the case with American Samoans.


The lecture about dance in American Samoan shows that dance, which is an integral part of culture can unify a society around its ideals or mission within a particular part of the world.


Today’s lecture was important as it offered knowledge on dances within an often ignored part of the world with a rich culture, which is American Samoan.