It began, as many things do, with some heartfelt conversations.
Sincere, forthright, perhaps a bit idealistic.

– from Starbucks brochure “Of Coffee & Community”

I love conversations, particularly when we’re talking about raising our children and education! I’ve loved the EdCamp model and its way of honoring/surfacing the wisdom already in the room.

I’m really feeling the urge to move beyond the talking though, and to get on with the learning part! After all, the discussions have never been an end onto themselves, in my experience – we all want to change things, not just talk, don’t you think?

I’m passionate about a couple of things:

1) I firmly believe that parents need to be part of their children’s education. It’s in the children’s best interest. It supports parents and family relationships. And it most certainly needs to support teachers and systemic growth/change.

2) I also believe that the relationships between teachers and parents, in support of student learning and growth, are critical to move the system forward and make the kinds of changes we want for our children. We need to “be the village” that raises our kids together.

I’d like to start DOING stuff. Call it inquiry learning. Call it action research. Call it PLNs or networks of learners. The fact is that I can’t “do” this stuff alone – it’s about communities coming together to collaborate, ask questions and see what works.

I know I can support these conversations. I’m really good at brainstorming and coming up with ideas, asking big questions. I have wide and diverse networks. And I’ve got all sorts of technology experiences and contacts.

I will be at EdCamp36 in Surrey, BC on August 29th, 2013
I’m hoping we can have a session there about engaging parents to support student achievement.

Or contact me – comment below or email me: heidi (at) learningconversations (dot) ca

Let’s put together some teams and try stuff…