Through my Twitter network, I came across a video of Sir Ken Robinson’s talk at the Apple Education Leadership Summit in April, 2008.

He finishes with a quote that I want to remember:

Someone said the great problem with human societies is not that we aim too high and fail, but that we aim too low and succeed.

And for education, for the future, for all of us collectively, I think we all have to accept that for now, and for ever, we have to aim very high in education and we have to succeed.”

– Sir Ken Robinson

For me, I’ve always felt the same way about my parenting I aim very high and I have to succeed.  This is not something I’m willing to fail at…

That mindset certainly has helped me feel the urgency to make my parenting choices consciously and to do the personal reflection and change that need to happen to allow me to make those better parenting choices.

Otherwise, it’s just too easy for me to go day to day, year to year always doing things, always busy but not getting done the stuff that’s really important!

At a District workshop I attended yesterday, Assistant Superintendent Sylvia Russell spoke passionately that it’s important for us to remember that “No child is expendable!” I heard many people discussing that again during the session – it obviously resonated with all of us. It’s not good enough to do our best – we want to remember to do whatever it takes to help every child feel like a success.

What does that mean to me? It means that every one of us needs to hold a central belief in our hearts – that every child is capable of feeling like a success. And therefore, it’s only a matter of being curious, asking questions, researching, trying new things, working together and being creative until we find that solution that we already trust exists. That we won’t give up. Ever.

That’s how I parent too. I begin by having faith that my children and I will find our way forward and that they will grow up to be wonderful, contributing and whole human beings. And then, even when I’ve lost hope in a particular moment and can’t see my way forward, I still rely on that overall faith in the outcome to remind myself that I’ll find the way and we just need to keep trying.

And that’s what matters…